2012 Fuel Ecomomy Truck Check

Model Yr Mfr Name Division Eng Displ # Cyl City FE (Guide) – Conventional Fuel Hwy FE (Guide) – Conventional Fuel
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 3.7 5 17 23
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 5.3 8 14 20
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 3.7 5 15 20
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 3.7 5 17 23
2012 General Motors Chevrolet 5.3 8 14 20
2012 General Motors GMC 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors GMC 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors GMC 3.7 5 17 23
2012 General Motors GMC 5.3 8 14 20
2012 General Motors GMC 3.7 5 15 20
2012 General Motors GMC 2.9 4 18 25
2012 General Motors GMC 2.9 4 18 25
2012… Continue reading

Guidelines In Buying A Used Semi Truck

This is often a very personal decision which is influenced by several factors.

Purchasing a semi truck in many ways is a lot like buying any automobile. You have to be careful regarding your acquisition and consider all your needs especially stong car ramps from www.raceramps.com that are beyond durable. However, buying a used semi truck is likewise a lot more of a business decision and could be much more challenging than buying a personal automobile. Below are some guidelines:

Create a business plan. Large trucks are a big enterprise, or at least they can be. You have to prepare your purchase around the idea that this is your first as well as biggest business decision. You must have a business plan that would help you and the banking institution know the way you will be able to afford your rig. At the very least, you ought to… Continue reading

Possibilities In Buying A Wholesale Truck

They can be trucks and equipment the government needs to sell, taken by government bodies, or foreclosed by a loan provider. These auctions for trucks could be accessible to the general public, giving you an opportunity to get a truck at a wholesale price by simply signing up when you come in. Ensure that you are prepared to pay immediately and in cash for any truck you bid on. Also for those who are will to donating a used car can do so. All the proper paperwork will be available at the time of drop off. Please bring the pink slip of the vehicle you are donating and you will get your receipt immediately following.

Since you’re unable to purchase a heavy truck or construction equipment from a wholesale seller directly, you could get a dealer’s license to accomplish this. Every state has various regulations about how it takes to… Continue reading

Buy A Wholesale Truck With Warranty

So purchasers with cash or good credit rating could find some real deals these days on your preferred trucks. A large percentage of truck sales recently were to lease clients. The majority of those lessees are turning their trucks in instead of purchasing them out, and the market is filled with three-year-old trucks. Because of this, wholesale prices have dropped greatly on late model trucks. Those who lack the cash or the necessary funds for a truck I have some motorcycle advice for you. After all you will get better gas mileage with a motorcycle.

On many occasions, trucks that are still under company warranty can sell at auction for less than half their original price. When purchasing a former lease vehicle, you must take note of the care the truck obtained. Unfortunately, a lot of lessees handled their trucks just like rental cars, in some instances turning them in… Continue reading

A Quick Look At Some Nice Ford Power Stroke Modifications

Ford Trucks are the best selling trucks in America for a reason – they deliver. Customers in the know choose Ford Powerstroke Diesel engines because they deliver in performance, fuel economy, reduced noise, easier serviceability, and increased durability. Read up on automotive articles and you will see what I am talking about.

The Ford Powerstroke is known for its outstanding performance, rugged reliability and excellent fuel economy. Because of their durable and massively powerful engines, Ford has gathered die-hard fans and legendary status. Right from the factory, these diesel trucks are designed to work hard and take on the toughest challenges.

For the average consumer a stock Ford truck will exceed your expectations. For the die-hard enthusiast you’re probably itching to ad diesel performance parts and modifications. Below are some common diesel mods to get you started, but I’m sure you’ll find that when it comes to diesel performance parts,… Continue reading

4X4 Pickup Trucks – Their Commercial Uses And Signature Experience

Pickup trucks have long been classified as some of the most versatile vehicles. These vehicles have all the engine advancements and internal luxuries that one can possibly imagine in any car. 4×4 pickup trucks can be very powerful with off-roading capabilities with phenomenal performance. 4×4 Pickups are the favorites in the commercial industry for cargo and light goods transportation. As the name suggests, these kind of trucks are the fastest and most powerful trucks around. With such an active truck off the road you might be more suseptable to broken glass and in need of auto glass repair in active truck heavy community.

4×4 pickups are available in various models and are manufactured by all leading manufacturers. Ford, GMC, Isuzu, Chevrolet, Nissan, Dodge, Toyota are some of the well known auto manufacturers producing these trucks. Due to its compact size, they have become a smarter and faster way of… Continue reading

Truck Driving – How to Make a Living on the Road

Trucking is a growing industry with many opportunities for employment waiting to be filled. The economy would literally collapse if the trucking industry was to crash for some reason. Those who are interested in becoming truck drivers will have many career opportunities available to them as they develop their potential within the industry. The key to making a successful living on the road is to do detailed research into the industry before committing yourself to it. This will help you to make informed career decisions and work out your personal financial goals. The key to a successful business is quality streets, roads, and highways. We cannot get away from improving our roadways as this will damage this industry and the community that exists because of it.

You will require to get yourself a commercial driver’s license (CDL). This is one of the most important documents that a truck driver… Continue reading

Common Problems Faced By a Truck Driver

All jobs and all types of work have “hazards of the job” attached to them. Truck driving is no different in this respect. However if the truck driver is fore-warned about these common problems then he and his employer should be able to provide information and advice that will help him to recognize symptoms and issues as they arise. The drivers cannot necessarily have control over their surroundings, but they can control their rig. Maintinaing their rig should be the number one priority before accepting any cargo. Check, tire pressure, oil heat and all other engine fluids.

Road Safety
Some drivers may not think of road safety as much as what they need to do to get the job done. Road safety should not be compromised at any time. However truckers will feel the pressured to make a delivery on time although traffic jams and speed limits slow them down.… Continue reading

Buying Tips for Used Commercial Trucks

The type of business that you’re in or the kind of work that you intend to do with the truck will help you be in a better position to buy one. There are different types of trucks available by all the leading manufacturers, so you can be rest assured of getting exactly what you’re looking for; be it commercial trucks, pickup trucks, dump trucks, heavy, medium or light duty trucks.

Once you’ve finalized the kind of truck that you’re looking to buy, you now need to search for a dealership that sells the truck of your choice. Going online for the same is advisable and is very convenient as you have the comforts of your home and you can browse through different models by all manufacturers at one place. You can also ask your friends and the extended family members to suggest you one and based on the above, you… Continue reading

Diesel Theft Prevention: Statistics and Methods

Diesel fuel theft has risen in the past decade in direct correlation with the price of oil. Growing energy demand in emerging markets such as India, China, Russia and Brazil and the volatile supply chain disruptions due to disaster and civic unrest in oil-producing nations will continue to cause fuel prices to rise, creating a lucrative market for black market fuel. This has led, since the financial crisis of 2008, to a situation where diesel theft is beginning to be a huge factor in the risk-management of a logistics company.

The current turmoil in Libya is a good example of how volatile fuel prices are. In December 2010, before the civil war, the country was producing an average of 1.6 million barrels per day. During February, as the revolt caught steam, production fell almost baseline to 400,000 barrels a day and Gaddafi was legally unable to export. According to the… Continue reading

Trucking Business Tips

Trucking has come a long way since the CB radio. Now there are smart phones like the Palm Treo and the whole Nextel line. This allows the trucking companies to communicate with their drivers not only through the phone, but also through email.Ensuring that there is always a connection with your hosted exchange provider. Make sure your connection and data are secure at a proper facility and managed by competent people who can answer questions and resolve any issue that may arise.

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